Lash Services

Eyelash Extensions


If you like to wake up naturally glamorous and doe-eyed, consider eyelash extensions. No more messy mascara application and removal! Not all lashes are created equal - We are the only spa in the city to use a patented hypoallergenic application process free of fumes ! An essential for the glamorous get-up and go lifestyle . 

Eyebrow Tinting


Don't have time to define your brows every morning ? Consider Eyebrow Tinting - Color is deposited onto your natural eyebrow hairs, giving you up to 4 weeks of get-up and go !

Eyelash Tinting


Eyelashes are permanently darkened   with a gentle formula - Great for those with long lashes that lack color !

Eyelash Services

As per spa policy, after 21 days have passed since your last eyelash service, your next visit will be considered a first-time application.