Are your nails destroyed from "Walk In" Nail Salons?


They do not work by the appointment, resulting in you waiting 20-30 minutes before being assigned a nail technician. 

We are an appointment-only spa, so wait-times are minimal with never-rushed service. 


They drill-file. While this provides a faster filing and removal of acrylics and gel, when working with damaged nails, it is very easy for a nail technician using a nail drill to go too far and go beyond the acrylics and thin out your actual nail.

We hand-file, rather than use nail drills, in order to preserve the integrity of your nails, and have better control by being able to check in between strokes, ensuring that we cease filing once the acrylics are removed.


 They use acrylics. Acrylics are full of resins and formaldehydes, have unpleasant odors, and are very stiff so will more often than not leave you bleeding if popped off. Additionally, the constant removal and re-application of acrylics with acetone and nail drills inevitably thin your nails out to the point where you have no choice but to keep acrylics on them because all other options are no longer strong enough.

We use Aprés. Aprés is a soft-gel nail extension system that requires minimal filing and buffing of your natural nail in order to bond. Essentially it is a professional-grade equivalent to Press-On Nails, except they are cured under a gel light, resulting in maximum strength adhesion, with minimal-to-no impact to your natural nails.

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Choose Your Polish

Customize Your Spa Experience

Customize Your Spa Experience

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- Standard Polish (Lasts Up To 7 Days)

- Gel  (Up To 21 Days)

- Powder (Up To 30 Days, Calcium Rich)

- BioSeaweed Gel (Up to 30 Days, Aloe Vera)


Customize Your Spa Experience

Customize Your Spa Experience

Customize Your Spa Experience

For Nail Spa Services, we utilize BCL Spa Organics, an all-organic luxury line for our foot soaks, sugar scrubs, moisture masques, and essential oil massage creams during your Manicure and Pedicure services! 


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Customize Your Spa Experience

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Our intention is to leave you with one less problem - Cute nails, can't fail . 

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