Fibroblasting Near Me

Can you imagine having brighter skin?

 How it Works

 A plasma pen treatment performed by our team of cosmetic professionals is completely non-invasive. It is performed entirely over the surface of the skin, meaning there are no incisions or injections, yet it has been proven to be among the most effective non-surgical ways to reduce wrinkles while lifting and tightening skin. The technology penetrates from above the skin’s surface, reaching down into lower layers of tissue to revive from within. As its name indicates, the plasma pen transmits nitrogen plasma energy to deliver soft-surgery plasma fibroblasting deep into the skin. 


Benefits of Plasma Pen

Using thermal conduction, the plasma pen heats and disrupts deeper layers of the epidermis in a delicate, yet effective way, treating the skin’s superficial and deep layers at the same time. With noticeable improvement to the skin’s overall appearance and texture post-treatment, plasma pen is a great alternative to more invasive facial rejuvenation treatments like injectables, microneedling, lasers, and dermabrasion.


Candidates for Plasma Pen

Depending on the reasons you are considering a plasma pen treatment, our team will design a procedure plan that works best for you. The following are among the many benefits of a plasma pen treatment:

  • Resurfacing skin that has lost its natural glow
  • Tightening and lifting skin that has become saggy
  • Reducing the appearance of lines around the face
  • Regenerating the skin from within
  • Improving both deep-set and surface level wrinkles

If you feel you may be a candidate for plasma pen treatment, or want to learn more about the procedure, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at our Edmond office by calling 405.888.7479. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you in taking this big step in the journey to younger, brighter skin.